Fitness Centers, Gym, Health Club in Berkeley

“What You Must Know Before Joining A Fitness Center, Gym, or Health Club in Berkeley Ca.”

Berkeley Fitness Center, Gym, & Health Club Special Report

Before you join a fitness center, gym, or health club in Berkeley, I want to share with you a couple of secrets that these owners don’t want you the consumer to find out.

At the beginning of each year, most people decide to join a health club because people want to get fit for their new years resolutions. Most fitness centers, gyms, health club owners will try to take advantage of you because they know most people are vulnerable at this time of year. Every gym owner can grow their business in the first quarter of the year because they know that the average person that signs up at the gym at the beginning of the year will stay on at an average time of 90 days.

What these fitness centers, gyms, and health clubs in Berkeley will do is try to get you on a 3 year contract that you can’t get out of. Because they know that the average person will stop coming to the gym in 90 days, they are just collecting your monthly payment. These owners are literally sitting on their butts getting rich off you while you sit begin to gain weight.

They don’t care about helping you, they care about getting your hard earned money. Now since you signed a long term contract, they are getting rich off of you and not trying to help you solve your fitness problems.

This is a big secret in these health clubs and fitness centers not only in Berkeley Ca., but all over the United States. These owners actually hope you don’t come in to use the gym because it’s hard operating an over crowded gym. They just hope you forget that they are debiting your credit card every month.

Most fitness centers and health clubs in  and around Berkeley California can actually service 5-20% of their membership base without breaking any fire safety codes.

So when considering a health club or gym in Berkeley California, trust your instincts. Don’t be forced or bullied in a sales office into something you don’t want to do. Don’t be caught up in signing a long term contract that you are not comfortable signing.

If you do decide to join a health club you may want to consider hiring a Berkeley personal trainer. A personal trainer actually cares about getting you results unlike a most gym owners. To learn more on how a personal trainer can help you CLICK HERE