What You Need To Know About Finger Feet East Bay

Have you ever seen those crazy looking shoes called “Finger Feet?” They are the most unusual athletic shoes on the market and I don’t think they are a fad.

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About 3 years an employee of mine was wearing these shoes. I thought they were the oddest looking things. I asked him what they felt like and if they are comfortable. His reply was, “They felt like he was barefoot.”

I swore I would never buy these shoes, but after doing some research on the internet, I decided to buy a pair.

I decided to invest in a pair because I’m flat footed and I always had foot and arch injuries my whole life. I read that finger feet will help correct your arch when you stand, walk, run, or jog. And over time your posture will be corrected and won’t experience foot problems anymore.

Remember our ancestors walked and ran this earth bare foot for millions of years and I’m sure that no one back then had foot problems.

Because you are using your muscles in your feet, your feet are getting stronger.

get finger feet at a local east bay shoe store

Plus I heard that training in finger feet makes exercise a lot more challenging. Because you are using the muscles in your feet to perform exercise, you will burn more calories because you are involving more muscle groups  throughout your whole body.

When I first wore them I was trying them on at a local east bay shoe store and they were extremely uncomfortable. In order for your feet to get used to them, you need to wear them for an hour a day for 7 days straight. The finger feet will stretch out your tendons in your toes and feet which may be uncomfortable at first.

vibram five fingers kso

Because 99% of us grew up wearing shoes, our muscles in our toes and feet are barely used in everday living. When you start wearing finger feet, the muscles in your feet will start being used.

Just like getting started on a new fitness program, the muscles and tendons in your feet need to be exercised. The first week your toes and feet may be sore.

I was actually comtemplating returning them, but after a couple of days they started to feel comfortable on my feet.

Now I wear my finger feet everywhere I go. They are so comfortable that I don’t like wearing shoes anymore.

If you have any questions about these shoes, just leave your questions at the bottom.

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