Walnut Creek Personal Trainer Shows How To Get Toned Arms

If you want nice toned arms like Michelle Obama then check out this video from Walnut Creek personal trainer Jenn. Jenn will demonstrate and explain how to get nice and lean arms.

get toned arms like Michelle Obama by following walnut creek personal trainer's exercise

All you need is a pair of dumbells and rubber tubing and your’re all set to go.

Check out this killer bicep and tricep workout:

1) Basic bicep dumbell curl (reps of 15-25)

2) Burn-Out bicep curls with rubber tubing (as many as you can do)

3) Lying Tricep dumbell extensions, better known as skull crushers (performe this exercise 15-25 reps)

4) Burn-Out push ups (do this tricep exercise until you can’t do anymore)

There are various ways you can do this killer arm circuit. You can super-set the two bicep exercises together for 3-4 sets. Then super-set your tricep exercises together 3-4 sets.

Another variation would be to super-set biceps and triceps together for 3-4 exercises.

It doesn’t really matter what order you do these exercises just as long as you keep your rest periods under 60 seconds.

I hope you enjoyed this bicep and tricep workout from Walnut Creek personal trainer Jenn and stay tuned for more workout videos.

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