Walnut Creek Bootcamp Shows How To Get A Flat Stomach

What a flatter stomach? Then checkout how this Walnut Creek Bootcamp instructor demonstrates how to have a stronger core and tight abs.

Get a flat stomach with this walnut creek bootcamp

The midsection is the most biggest problem area to get rid of. Getting a flat stomach is going to mainly come down to nutrition and cardio. Most of us hold majority of our fat cells in our stomach.

Unfortunately you can’t spot reduce this trouble area by doing 1,000 sit ups a day. It take a combination of proper nutrition, the right amount of cardio, and ab exercises.

So we decided to put together this flat tummy workout video for you.

1) Reverse crunches 3×25-50 reps

2) Full body crunch 2×25-50 reps (can be done with weight)

3) Double crunch 3×25-50 reps (can be done with weight)

5) Russian Twists 3×50 reps (can be done with weight)

Watch this video closely to see the regression and progression of each exercise. Again this core circuit can be done by anyone and at any fitness level.

Do this Walnut Creek Bootcamp flat tummy workout 3-4 days a week and in no time at all you will have a tighter and toned midsection.

get a flat stomach with this walnut creek bootcamp

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