Pleasant Hill Weight Loss Requires Pumping Up Your Cardio and Shaking Up Your Workout Routine

Everyone knows that cardio plays a significant role in losing weight. The problem is that many people overestimate how many calories they burn during their cardio sessions. This disconnect is why so many people feel their cardio sessions aren’t helping them at all.

Many people who are trying to lose weight also make the mistake of getting stuck in workout routines that are less effective than they realize.

Pleasant Hill Weight Loss requires you to change up your workout routines

Walking Your Way to Weight Loss Will Take Forever

Walking for thirty to sixty minutes is much better than sitting on the couch. It can be a great way for someone who is significantly overweight to start getting some form of exercise. What many people don’t realize is walking isn’t an efficient way to get a lean and toned body.

burn a pound of fat a week while on this Pleasant Hill Weight Loss plan

One pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. An hour of walking generally burns less than 300 calories. Creating the caloric deficit necessary to lose weight simply isn’t practical to accomplish with walking. Seeing real Pleasant Hill weight loss results requires cardiovascular exercise that is done at a much higher intensity level.

Repetition Can Permanently Stall Your Weight Loss Efforts

Many people end up doing the exact same exercises every time they walk through their gym’s doors. This commonly leads to two problems. The first is people get very bored with repeating the same routine. Boredom significantly lowers motivation. This can eventually lead to someone making so many excuses that they completely stop going to the gym.

doing the same boring routine at the gym will stall your Pleasant Hill Weight Loss achievements

The other issue repetition can cause is not creating enough of a challenge. You’ve probably noticed that you can achieve a lot in your professional life when you’re pushed outside of your comfort zone. This also applies to working out. Losing weight requires constantly challenging yourself. Not only is this necessary for motivation, but it also plays a vital role in preventing your body from adapting to your workouts. Allowing this to happen means that any progress you made could completely stall.

A Personal Trainer Will Add Speed and Variety to Supercharge Your Weight Loss

Doing cardio other than walking doesn’t have to involve long sessions jogging on the treadmill or grinding away on the elliptical. Cardio exercises can be much more varied and dynamic. The key is working up a sweat and keeping your heart rate high.

changing up your cardio routine will help you get to your Pleasant Hill Weight Loss goals

Creating a challenging and engaging workout on your own can be very hard to do. It can be just as difficult to keep up the pace when you try to do these workouts on your own. A personal trainer can help you in both areas. Their experience in the gym allows them to challenge you with a wide range of cardio drills. They will be the motivation you need to avoid slacking while you’re doing these drills.

a personal trainer can help you with your Pleasant Hill Weight Loss goals

A trainer’s experience can also be used to inject variety into your gym sessions. You won’t have to worry about your results stalling when you work with a trainer. The variety in the workouts your trainer uses will keep you on track with your Pleasant Hill weight loss.

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