Pleasant Hill Personal Trainer Shares What Kind Of Bread To Eat

In this video, Pleasant Hill personal trainer shares why it’s important to look at the serving size and grams of carbs in your whole wheat brown breads.

brown bread

The reason why you want to eat whole wheat brown bread is because:

1) lower on the glycemic index

2) digest slower in your system

3) when combined with protein, it becomes a good source of energy.

As a rule of thumb you want to make sure that your daily carbohydrate consumption is 35 grams a day.

So if you are eating a sandwich, you need to take into consideration of what kind of vegetables are in your carbs. You can easily go over your daily carb consumption with your bread and too many vegetables.

When picking sandwich bread you want to make sure that the serving size for 2 pieces equals out to at least 26 or less grams of carbs.

Remember even though wheat bread is healthier, it is still a carb and when taken late at night or going over your daily limit, will result in fat storage.

So the same rule applies make sure not to eat your carbs later in the day. Have your carbs for breakfast and lunch. It will help you maintain your blood sugar levels and prevent you from over eating later in the day.

I hope you found this video helpful. Please leave your comments and questions at the bottom.

please leave your questions and comments for your pleasant hill personal trainer

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