Pleasant Hill Boot Camp Shares What To Eat In The Frozen Section

In this video Pleasant Hill Boot Camp owner shares what kind of healthy foods you can eat while on a weight loss program.

When your in the frozen section and looking for a good source of protein, choose chicken tenders and I’m not talking about the breaded kind.

pleasant hill boot camp owner recommends chicken tenders

The reason why you want to choose the chicken tenders over the chicken breast is due to a couple of reasons:

1) The serving size is relatively small so that when your preparing your meals together you will have an easier time figuring out the serving size.

The bags of chicken breast sometimes comes in big pieces. Some of these pieces are not the correct serving size and you want to be careful and not over consume too many calories.

2) Chicken tenders are small and take less time to cook.

3) Chicken breast will always have an over cooked side because of how big and thick the serving size is.

4) A bag of chicken tenders can last you a whole week and the cost per bag is $8-10 dollars.

Protein is such an important element to weight loss. The more protein you intake a day will help in muscle growth.

The more muscle tissue you have the more your body will be able to burn more calories at rest.

Chicken tenders are a great source of protein and easy to put together for your meals for the week.

I hope you found this video helpful. Please leave your comments and questions at the bottom.

please leave your comments and questions at the bottom for your pleasant hill boot camp

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