Pinole Personal Trainers Shares Her Weight Training Program Part 5

Watch this video on how Pinole Personal trainer gets into shape

I am right outside my front door right now. The last time you guys saw me I had just gotten out of the gym and was eating lunch. Then, I came home and…as I told you guys when you saw me on my treadmill, I have a virtual coaching program.

check out pinole personal trainer virtual training program called

Pinole Personal Trainer virtual training program

There are different phases to the program. Each month you get a new recipe. You also get three new workouts a month as well as a new motivational video. I do them at my house sometimes and sometimes I do them at my studio.

I just finished doing one of the phases and one of the motivational videos. I got myself a little sweaty and got myself all ready. It’s probably about 4 or 4:30 right now and I’m going to have to go back to the studio in a little bit. I just wanted to tell you guys that I just finished doing this, which was another part of my normal day.

I’m going to videotape myself going into the studio, then right after I’m done. Right now I’m going to go back and check my email really quick to make sure I don’t have any other food logs being sent to me.

Then I’m going back to the studio. So, another video in the day in the life of Jenn! Bye.

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