Part:9 Bay Area Weight Loss Trainer Competes At the Contra Costa

Watch How This Bay Area Weight Loss Trainer competes at the Contra Costa Figure Show

Hey everybody, this is Jenn Aguirre with East Bay Trainer. Right now, I’m out to eat in between shows. The last time you saw me I did a video tape of me behind the stage. I wasn’t even close to going on yet; It was a very long show.

We are done now. Tonight we are going to go back and that’s when they announce the winners. However, you kind of have an idea as to who the winner is during the day as to where they place you in the lineup.

Bay Area Weight Loss Trainer at the Contra Costa Figure Show

So usually you go out and do your poses then your lineup, then they call girls out. Usually the first five girls they call out are the ones that place. The first girl they call out who starts and ends on the X in the middle of the stage is usually the girl that won first place. So, I’m hoping that I’m saying, yes, I landed on the X and ended on the X. We’ll see tonight when I do the next video announcing if the X means that I won first place.

Bay Area Weight Loss expert competes and wins the Contra Costa County Figure Show

Thank you guys again for following this. This is something new; this is the first time I’ve done this in two years. The last time I did it, I won. So, who knows where it’s going to take me?

But, thank you for following and look for my next video about the announcement. We will also post pictures of me with trophies or maybe not with a trophy. But, again, thanks for watching and look for the next video.

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