Part :8 Hercules Weight Loss Expert At The Contra Costa Figure Show

Check out Hercules Weight Loss Expert on the Day of the Contra Costa Figure Show

Okay, so here it is. Today is the day of the show. I just finished getting my second spray tan because you usually get two spray tans: one the night before and one today. That infamous alarm keeps going off every time I do these videos.

I’m here with unfortunate news. They have changed some of the rules. Previously, you were actually allowed to bring somebody back there and bring a camera, but now you can’t do either. Erica is doing my hair; I’m at the hotel down the block from the show. She’s about to do my hair and makeup.

Hercules Weight Loss expert posing with make up artist Erika

This is me with just spray tan on my face. It is about 8:15 in the morning. I still have been up since 4am. I answered my clients’ food logs, hung around, got my bag ready, then I had to drive all the way out here to Hayward, which is about a 45 minute drive. I got my second spray tan and now I’m waiting to do hair and makeup. I am extremely excited.

Hercules Weight Loss Expert getting ready for the Contra Costa Figure Show

I’m a little bit bummed that I can’t bring the camera back there but I don’t want to get in trouble or get kicked out or anything. I might do another video as close to being back stage as possible so you guys can see me in my suit.

So, just wanted to give you the first half of my morning. I’ll definitely do another video close to the show and then do another video after, even if it’s just me sitting in my car with my husband taping. Okay, so I will see you soon!

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