Part 7: El Sobrante Fitness Trainer Shares What She Eats

Watch how this El Sobrante Fitness Trainer eats healthy

This is the end of my day. It is 8:15 and I just got home. I’m going to show you what my last meal of the day is going to be. I’m going to introduce you to my son. I’m also going to show you how I prep for my next day. I have an artichoke here; this is my greens.

El Sobrante Fitness trainer eating her egg whites at night

I’m not going to eat the whole thing because it is tremendous. I’ll probably make myself a little bit of salad. This is basically just water so it fills me up. I already have my separated egg whites, so I’m going to have four more egg whites and that’s going to be it for me.

I’m also getting myself planned and ready. I have my other pepper for tomorrow and I have my salmon here. I have my chicken down here in this drawer. This is my food all ready for Saturday. Over here I’m getting my oatmeal ready. I am all ready for my day tomorrow.

El Sobrante Fitness trainer shares her cooking tips in her kitchen

Because I cooked on Sunday for the week (and you guys have seen those videos), everything is prepped. All I’m doing is moving it closer to its section so it’s all ready for tomorrow.

This is what a typical day looks like for me whether I’m prepping for the contest or not. I always pre-plan my food.

Do you want to come say hi? My son is sitting watching his cartoons. Koa, can you say hi? How old are you? Are you three? Yea. That’s my son.

El Sobrante Fitness trainer's son Koa is watching television

So, basically, I do this everyday for my clients, my son, and my husband. This is the day in the life of Jenn competition or no competition. This is what I do everyday. Being a mom, training clients in the morning and at night, trying to keep myself fit, having a crazy day, and pre-planning my food, which is the biggest, biggest thing.

You guys can do this no matter what…whether you want to do a competition or not. Look for my next video that is going to be me at the show. I’m going to video tape some stuff back there and take some pictures. Cross your fingers; let’s see how I do.

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