Part 6 El Sobrante Fitness Trainers Documents Her Day

Watch how this El Sobrante Fitness Trainer stays in shape

Okay, so here we are at my fitness studio during my nighttime session. There’s my fitness studio. It’s 5pm. I have three more hours. I just finished a video showing you guys how I do my virtual coaching program at home. I wanted to show you that I’m about to eat my 5 o’clock meal: plain chicken tenders with some raw vegetables.

El Sobrante Fitness trainer eats chicken tenders

I wanted to address two things. Number one: usually I tell clients that I want them to have only green vegetables. That and salmon. I usually don’t have very high fat foods. Salmon is very high in fat. That little three ounce piece I had was about 14 grams of fat.

El Sobrante Fitness trainer eats salmon

That bright vegetable has more carbs than greens. That and the salmon are for sheer competitive purposes for what I want my body to look like when I go on stage on Saturday. It’s not normally how I eat and I wanted to address that as I’m making this video.

El Sobrante Fitness Trainer with her son Koa

So, look for my next one. It’s going to be the last video of the night of what my night looks like. I’m going to introduce you to my son at 8:30 at night after I’m done with my sessions. I’m going to show you what I eat right when I get home from here.

If you guys have any questions in reference to what I just mentioned about the salmon and the vegetables, just ask. Here’s yet another video and another couple of hours in the day of the life of Jenn…for this competitive reason and for any other reason – this is what my life is like. All right, bye.

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