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Hey, okay, so we’re here in front of my favorite supermarkets. Yes I’m a very big fan of Lucky’s and that’s where I do all my grocery store tours, but I’m gonna be honest with you it’s because I asked them like two years ago if I could and at the time they weren’t really feeling me so I started at Lucky’s and I love Lucky’s. But, this is where I do all my shopping.

So for my Train with Jenn clients, for my coaching clients that get to watch all my recipes and then for you guys that kinda get a tasteof them, we just did one a little while ago where we released one of my recipes that I did for my virtual clients and my virtual programs. This is where I’m always shopping for everything, and the reason why is because they have organic, which is always so much better.

So, I’m gonna give you a little, like fun fact; people always wonder why everybody in Italy eats cheese and pasta and all that stuff, why they’re not overweight and the majority of Americans are. And the reason why is because number one we’re taught that like five servings is one serving, and they actually eat a serving. That’s number one. And number two is they’re food is homegrown, a lot of our food out here is made with a lot of chemicals and what that does is slow down your metabolism. So if it works for your budget, for you to go organic, I highly recommend going organic.

So they do have a lot of things organic, like most health food stores do, and then almost everything that they have is the option of getting it low sodium. So like I just did a recipe with like, this cold bean salad and the beans that they had were low sodium. They have low sodium chicken broth, low sodium tuna fish in a can.

So most canned foods are very high in sodium, ridiculously high in sodium. And a lot of their vegetables are extremely, extremely fresh. So if you have a Trader Joe’s near you, which I’m sure you do, go there. If it works for your budget to get everything organic, get it all organic and then everything, you guys know the reason why I’m such a fan of low sodium, there is not enough attention to it.

Number one, you, maximum effort on your workout, less prone to injury and you could truly utilize your strength if you have the proper amount of sodium. So basically you just gotta really watch your sodium intake, and that’s the reason why I shop here. So come to Trader Joe’s, I hope you enjoyed this one, this was a little quick one, and I will see you guys soon.

So I hope you like this, love you! Stay healthy, make healthy choices.

Hope you liked the video I filmed at Trader Joe’s Pinole and found the video helpful.

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