How To Eat Healthy At The New Deli Pinole Cafe

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Okay, so we rare here at New Deli in Pinole in the East Bay. Basically it is so hard to find, you guys know me I’m from New York, and literally there’s delis on every corner. So this is a rarity and I absolutely love this place, it’s very beautiful but we’re not going to go inside because it’s packed in there. So New Deli in Pinole, we’ll write down the address here so you guys can come down here and see. Such a variety in the menu, so I’m gonna back up so you can look at the menu and then I’m gonna show you what I ordered.

I ordered two sandwiches, I’m gonna open them both up, I gave some special orders and I’m gonna tell you what the special orders were so they have specialty sandwiches, vegetarian, traditional sandwiches. So basically I ordered myself, I wanted to show you guys some vegetarian, so they have a tofu. It’s made with tofu, I forgot what else, they have wheat, rye, they had rolls so I got one on a roll.

Now what I did, I always like to ask when you make a sandwich on a roll or a half of a sandwich, for them to scoop out the inside of it. So I did a video, you guys saw it, at Subway. You got a six inch, whole wheat sandwich, 48 grams of carbs, you scoop it out you take out some of the carbs. So with this one: so cute; little rye. It’s made with chicken, no this is grilled tofu, peppers, onions and I told them very light on the barbecue sauce.  So barbecue sauce is a sugar; so it is gonna have a little bit of carbs so it was a special order that I had placed.

You guys know me, I have Chrohn’s Disease I can’t eat any of this stuff but I really wanted to show you, you can get it without the barbecue sauce. But they scooped out the inside so that bread right there is probably about 30 grams of carbs almost then you take out some of that so you can make up for a little extra flavor on the barbecue sauce.

So, great little sandwich and it’s hot, and that’s there for you guys, for you vegetarians, that don’t eat chicken, or turkey or anything. Then I got a turkey sandwich, and I believe this one is on whole wheat, so this is rye and the other one is whole wheat, I don’t even know. But they have such a variety I have this, this comes with the works.

The works is mayo, mustard, onions, tomato and cheese so most of the time the cheese is not low-fat. Right here I told them very light on the mustard, I told them no mayo because most places don’t have light mayo and mayo is full of fat; mustard is great and you got yourself a good little sandwich here. This sandwich is probably about, with tomatoes, it’s like nothing you got maybe one slice on there, and then the bread is going to be 25 maybe 30 grams of carbs and you guys know me, that’s just about perfect.

You pull the crust off you even take away some of the carbs on that one. So, so many things to choose from in there they’ve got salads, they have a chef’s salad and you guys want to be careful with those because ham is very high in sodium and very high in fat. They have some salami, some provolone. If you guys like that stuff, I mean that’s what I grew up on being an Italian, there’s the salami, and the provolone and the mozzarella and all that other stuff, save it for a cheat.

But, this place has great approved stuff for the rest of the week and again, like I said: whole lot of great salads. But I’m gonna do another restaurant review somewhere else; I ordered a salad there that’s why I stuck with the sandwiches here. So, New Deli in Pinole, come down, visit them, really great. They have outside seating, somebody’s at the table now so we’re not gonna go show you, inside seating and they are quick too!  I ordered it, maybe like five minutes ago and they were packed, they had a line out the door and it was done in five minutes. So for those of you that are on your lunch break, come down here, okay.

If you want to know more about this restaurant check out there website :

624 San Pablo, Pinole Ca.


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