How To Deal With Crabs & Haters East Bay

One day I was at fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco and came across afisherman's wharf in san franciso bucket of crabs on the pier. I stopped and took a look inside and noticed one crab trying to climb over the other crabs to get out of the bucket.

This crab was trying to make a run for it and I told the fisherman that he was about to lose a crab. He then told me to take another look to see what was about to happen.

Naturally, the other crabs pulled him by the legs as he was hoisting himself out of the bucket.

san fracisco fisherman's wharf

The fisherman then told me that the crabs naturally always pull each other down so that their is never a lid required.

I then realized that we have “crabs” and “haters” in our lives that are always trying to pull us down when we are trying to do something positive in our lives.


Recently a local health club in the East Bay (my area) are acting like these “crabs” by putting flyers all around our parking lot, leaving negative comments on this blog/youtube videos, and intentionally putting flyers my car right in front of our studio.

I know alot of you have fitness goals you want to achieve and have “crabs” and “haters” in your life that probably tell you:

  • Not to invest your money in a gym membership/personal training
  • That working out is a waste of time
  • That you drive too far see your personal trainer

Or you may have:

  • Friends will try to get you to drink and eat junk food with them so that you fail
  • Significant others may be possessive and jealous that you are achieving success with your fitness goals and not want you to continue on

Whatever the case may be, you will always have “crabs” and “haters” that will try to squash your ambitions, motivation, passion, and enthusiam.

How To Deal With “Crabs” and “Haters”

  • Cut all negative people out of your life
  • Realize that the closest people to you will “hate” on you no matter what, just let their negative comments go in one ear and out the other
  • Get a piece of paper and start listing the names of people you know that will pull you down and try your best to limit your exposure to them

If you have family members and friends, they may seem like this towards you because they fear:

  • Fear of losing you
  • Fear of change
  • Fear of being left behind

They conceal their fears as genuine concern for you. They always have a reason to burst your bubble, to instill doubt inside you and get you to second guess yourself.

crabs at fishermans wharf

At The End Of The Day East Bay

Look at it as a compliment. If these “haters” in your life are spending all their time and energy to bring you down, most likely you are doing something right.

So I urge you not to let these people hold you down. Just use their negative energy in a positive way and continue to keep your eyes on the prize and achieve your fitness goals East Bay.

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