How This East Bay Health Club Employee Gained Lean Muscle Mass

Earlier this week, I recieved a major complaint from a major national health club chain that they wanted to me to pull down this blog post because they were upset that I was using one of their employees on my website.

They felt that since this employee works for their company and not mine, that it would be a conflict of interest. It’s ironic that this employee is a sales rep that sells gym memberships and personal training, but he doesn’t even workout in that gym or pays for a personal trainer at the gym he promotes.

You can see why this can be embarrassing for a multi-million dollar company…

So they wanted me to take this blog post down…But I didn’t, what I did instead was not reveal this health clubs name to protect their reputation.

Enough of this stupid drama, let’s get back to the reason why I wrote this post in the first place…

Meet Sergio…

Sergio was one of your typical guys that worked out in one of those big box gyms. He did the typical thing that most guys do, such as go heavy on bench press, bicep curls, and just doing the same boring machines day in and day out.


Sergio's before pic


How this East Bay Bally Employee Got In Great Shape

Sergio actually works as a employee at a local east bay health club. He had unlimited access to the cardio machines, all the weights, machines, and over 20 personal trainers that could give him FREE advice. None of these things were working for Sergio.

Check out the video below of Sergio’s workout program:

One day Sergio came into our personal training studio and wanted information. We told him our workout philosophy and nutrition program and how we can help him.

Sergio was still skeptical because like most guys, they think they know what they are doing. So we took all the risk off of him and onto us.

at aloha health & fitness we offer a 30 day money back guarantee

We told him that after 30 days of training with us, that we would give him his money back with no questions asked and no hard feelings.

Well after 30 day’s Sergio stayed on our program and has seen AMAZING results that he wasn’t seeing at the gym he works at.

But don’t take my word for it…Listen to what Sergio has to say.

watch sergio's video testimony

Before he would workout 6 days a week by himself and trying to do things that he learned in muscle magazine. None of that stuff worked…

Sergio is actually getting more results not lifting heavy weights, trains in a group setting with 9 other women, his trainer is a female, and only works out 3 days a weeks.

So if you want results like Sergio and are tired of working out in those big box gyms…Then the quickest way to success is to model success.

Do what Sergio did and >>Click Here To Get On Our Fitness Program<<

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