Here’s How To Get Sexy Legs East Bay

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here's how to get sexy legs east bay

Okay so we are here with another video, “how to get sexy legs”. Of course people, of course you cannot see long lean muscle tissue in the quads if you’re not eating right and doing cardio; Huge huge factor. But some good leg workouts, so I always like to incorporate some hamstrings, glutes, quads.

So one of the good things you can do, you can do this stuff at home, if you have dumbbells you can add weights to them if not you can, anything that’s gonna put the arms above the head is gonna spread out the lats activate the glutes more and increase the heart rate because your arms are above your head. So basically you can pick your step, I’m gonna go with the higher of my three steps right back here.

The higher the back leg is the more glute activation that you get. If I want to I can grab those two dumbbells, if not I can just stay here and put my hands here and go for let’s say like burn, like complete fire on the glutes. And I’m going to go into a full lunge like as low as you could possibly go, now if you want to get a little bit lower since my stair got in the way, you can go down here so your chest comes right to your quad. Soon as you’re done with that one, you go obviously right to the next leg.

Now I’ve done these a lot. So we’re going to add in two walk in okay? So since you just worked left cheek, front leg we’re gonna go left cheek for the first one. So you’re basically gonna stand here, stand on your tube, you can use this one, you can use a heavier one you’re gonna hold it like a golf club, right here both hands, you can pull it up or you can hold it by both the handles and pull it up and put it on your waist like this.

Basically go all to the left since we just used the left a million times. So you go here and you stay down, “oh my God I’m so tired I just did a million of them” stay there and then you go to the next one. So you go all in one direction and all back, I mean you can do super high numbers, whether you do have weight, whether this is a blue one which is superheavy.

Another way and that I really like to do is gonna be Duck Walks because that is another one that activates your glutes more. So basically you can go here now, like to go on a lateral position since we’re doing more sides. So basically you’ll go like this, you’ll put your hands here, or you can hold onto two dumbbells, you step all the way out until this quad is flexed and then shift your weight over and bring it back okay?

Step all the way out, shift your weight over bring it back. Flex the quads as you step. Bring it all the way out flex the quad, shift it all the way over until this quad is flexed and bring it back. Go all in one direction and then go all in the other direction. Now me, I love me some discs. Single leg ouch! Oh Jesus I really hope I don’t super cramp! Heel is on, one leg is up, hands here or here you lift your butt up and you single leg hamstring curl. And you do as many as you possibly can.

If you like to work a little bit more of the front of the leg, then what you do is you put your… so this is another add-on and this is basically the finisher and then you go back to lunges. The top leg is higher than the back leg, you work more of the quad. When the back leg is higher than the front leg, than you work more of the glute. That’s a little education for you, so I hope you like my sexy leg workout. Add weights, if you’ve got dumbbells you can always add dumbbells here, dumbbells here, add dumbbells here, oh killer.

So hands here would be easier, hands here with the dumbbells touching would be a little bit harder, hands out wide would be even harder. So if you want to make this work out here, which is already pretty challenging enough harder, add some dumbbells to it. So really great little combinations here make sure you activate when you do those little lateral steps, duck positions go all the way until you flex the quad. I can be standing here doing nothing, just flexing my quad and I’m working them.

So activate those muscles! Pick a spot so when you’re balancing those muscles, if you noticed I lost my balance a little bit so(because I’m talking) if you pick a spot and you balance your gonna be less likely to fall. And then if you have any knee issues and you can’t get all way down to the ground with those duck, lateral duck positions then don’t all the way down get as low as you possibly can. But most of us can do it more than what we think we can, so just push yourself a little bit more. So I hope you like this leg workout, leave your comments and let me know what you think, and tell me if your legs and your hamstrings and your butt burns, baby burn.

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