Hercules Health Club Owner Uses Home Depot For Fitness Equipment

Hey there, hope your doing AWESOME today! I have a special treat for you. Our health club is located right next to a Home Depot in Hercules and one of the perks about having a Home Depot next to our gym is that we can walk over and get really cheap fitness equipment.

Hercules Health Club uses Home Depot to buy their fitness equipment

We have gotten chains, ropes, and even sledge hammers for our fitness program. But one of the coolest and cheapest pieces of equipment you can get from Home Depot is “furniture movers.”

Hercules health club owner uses furniture movers to get the best results for her clients

Furniture movers are great because when performed correctly can give you a “killer” full body workout. So today we are going to show you how we use our furniture movers in our health club.

Here are 4 exercises that you can perform in your home:

1) Side step push-ups- simply place your hands ontop of the furniture movers in the push up position and shift your body over to the right then push up and then shift to the left then push up.

This is great upper body exercise that targets the chest, shoulders,and core muscles.

2) Tucks- place your feet ontop of the furniture mover while in the push up position. While keeping your back straight and abs tight, draw your knees into your chest and then draw your knees back out to neutral position.

Another great exercise for your upper body, core , and lower back.

3) Chest Flys- place your elbows and forearms on the furniture movers while in the plank position. While keeping your back straight and core tight, extend your elbows and forearms out and then draw them back in.

This is more of an advanced movement, but it is great at targeting your chest, shoulders, and core muscles.

4) Hamstring Curls- lay down flat on your back while placing your heels onto a furniture mover. While keeping your hips up in the air and squeezing your butt cheeks together, curl your heels underneath your butt.

This exercise targets your hamstrings, butt cheeks, and lower back.

These exercises can be performed on a wooden floor, tile, or your drive way.

These furniture movers will cost you $4.00 from home depot. Well I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below.

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