Hercules Health Club Owner Shares Grocery Store Shopping Tips

In this video Hercules Health Club owner Jenn Aguirre, shares how to shop healthy at your local grocery store.

In this video Jenn shares why you shouldn’t drink juices and why you should consume fruit instead.

hercules health club owner explains why fruits are better than juices

The reason why you want to stay away from juices is because they contain too much sugar, carbs, and empty calories. It’s very easy to drink too much juice and over exceed your daily consumption of grams per sugar and carbs.

Not only is the serving size too much but most of these companies put a lot of perservatives and un-natural sweetners to prolong the shelf life of it’s juices.

hercules health club owner shares why a bowl of fruit is healthy

If you have a sweet toothe and need something to quench your thirst, instead of drinking juices, try having fruit instead. When you eat fruit you are still getting the benefit of the sweetness and nutrients that you would normally get from a juice carton, but the difference is that you are controlling your serving size and that the fruit is natural and not tampered with perservatives.

So the next time you go to the grocery store, go to the organic fruit section and get the fruits you like and throw them in a blender to make your own juice drink.

I hope you found this grocery store tip helpful. If you have any questions for Hercules Health Club owner Jenn Aguirre…please leave them down below.

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