Hercules Gym Owner Uses Furniture Movers From Home Depot East Bay

Our gym in Hercules is known for the “out of the box and unconventional exercises” here in town. If you have ever driven past our studio you might have seen us flipping tires, sprinting, bear crawling, and other WEIRD exercises.

Hercules gym owner uses furniture movers from home depot to get her clients in the best shape possible

One of the WEIRD exercises that we came up with was this piece of equipment we bought from Home Depot in Hercules. This piece of equipment are called “furniture movers.”

Furniture movers are really inexpensive and cost $4 bucks for 10 pieces. Today I’m going to show you how we use these cheap pieces of equipment to get our clients in the best shape possible.

Here are the 4 top exercises that we use in our gym:

1) Alternated forward reach-simply place each hand on a furniture mover while in the push up position, then slowly reach forward on each arm without letting your body touch the floor.

This is great for building up your upper body like. You will instantly feel this in your triceps, shoulders, and core muscles.

Hercules gym owner uses furniture movers from home depot to do seal crawls

2) Seal crawls-place your feet on a furniture mover while in the push up position. Keep your core tight and back straight. Then slowly move your upper body forward while keeping your legs straight and back straight.

You will feel this in your shoulders, triceps, and core muscles. This is another great dynamic core exercise that will strengthen your whole upper body.

3) Military crawls-place your forearms and elbows on each furniture mover while in the plank position. Again activate your core and keep your back straight. While keeping your body off the ground, move your body forward while sliding your arms on the furniture movers.

Hercules gym owner says you can do military crawls with furniture movers

This is another killer core exercise that is a lot easier to perform on furniture movers rather on grass or concrete.

4) Pikes-place both feet on a furniture mover while in the push up position. While keeping your abs tight and your back straight, pike your butt in the air while drawing in your feet towards your chest.

This is a great ab and lower back exercise that is guaranteed to strengthen your core.

I hope you found this video helpful. These are the same exact exercises that we perform in our Hercules gym.

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