Hercules Gym Owner Shares What Kind Of Protein Bar Is Best For You

Hercules Gym owner Jenn Aguirre shares in this video what kind of protein bar is best for you to take.

The reason why we made this video is because we get asked all the time, “What kind of protein bar should I take?” “What are the benefits of a protein supplement?” “Where should I get my protein bars from?”

hercules gym owner shares secrets about protein bars

First of all, the benefits of a protein supplement are:

1) It’s a meal replacement that helps with keeping your blood sugar levels even.

2) Increases your metabolism so that you can burn more calories.

3) Increases lean muscle tissue that will help you with increasing your metabolism.

4) Helps if you have a craving for sweets.

5) Quick healthy snack.

Before choosing a protein bar, make sure you look at the carb and sugar content.

The amount of calories and grams of protein is important but you also want to make sure you don’t intake too much carbs or sugar.

If you are looking for weight loss or just want to tone up, their are only 3 types of protein bars that I highly recommend:

Hercules gym owner recommends atkins day break protein bar

1) Atkins bar “Day Break”

2) Myoplex Light

3) Pure Protein

These 3 bars are really good because there grams of carbs and sugar are relatively low and high in protein.

You can purchase these bars from your local grocery store, vitamen shoppe, or GNC.

I hope you found this video helpful and useful when choosing a protein bar.

If you have any questions please leave your comments at the bottom.

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