Amazing Way To Finish Any Workout

amazing way to finish your workout east bay

here's how to finish your workout east bay

So I’m in my house I’m sitting here relaxing I just finished training my clients and I’m like what do I want to educate everybody on? So I have this amazing way to finish any work out, workout meaning resistance training. So there are a lot, a lot, a lot of people out there who talk about doing cardio before they go in and do their training, “oh I want to get it out of the way” and “I want to warm-up and then go do my resistance training”.

My thing, this is me, not everybody has to believe it but it’s who I am and it’s what I represent and it’s what all my clients do which is why they all see results. I’m just saying, it’s not something I’ve read somewhere and that I’m just telling you guys now, it’s something that I’ve been practicing for a very long time. So cardio’s great on an empty stomach you guys saw that video that we did, but after resistance training it’s good to do cardio not before.

If you’re scheduled, you have to do it before, let’s just say you have an appointment with a trainer, and you only have let’s just say two hours, you get out of work you have to do cardio from 8 to 9 because your trainers not available because your trainers not available until nine then fine.

But it’s really great if you can then cardio also on an empty stomach first thing in the morning but if you have an appointment with a trainer, 5 o’clock in the morning, great amazing way to finish up your workout by doing cardio after. You are doing so much benefit because it’s almost like our bodies are designed to be a survival mode, we are designed to be able to work out, workout a lot.

Like I’m not a fan, we, us at Aguirre Fitness, we are not a fan of overtraining we don’t believe in that. Were not bodybuilders 99% of our clients don’t come to us for bodybuilding. We’re not doing heavy biceps for one rep max, or whatever and then doing the same thing on day two, no. Our style of training is very dynamic; but basically we’re doing resistance training and our body is designed to go into survival mode.

And basically do cardio after, that’s my finisher. So when you’re winded and taxed and exhausted that, I feel number one you’re on an empty stomach, because if you came in for your workout you ate something before your training so now whatever it is you ate to get through your training, now it’s gone. Cardio on an empty stomach, now your body is in this mode of like it’s got a kill it, it’s got to work 10 times harder because you just got beat up well, because you just killed the workouts.

So that right there alone, forget about the fact that it’s on an empty stomach and all that other stuff, that right there alone is gonna train your body to get stronger. So then it overall affects every aspect of your workout, so it effects the next workout that you do with your trainer because you were in mental and physical survival mode to kill the cardio after your workout and then, and your heart rates already elevated, your metabolism is sped up after doing your workout, yada yada yada.

It’s mainly about the survival mode, the stamina and your heart, which cardio, training and all this stuff and our style of training is very much stress on the heart but, a good stress a good stress to be able to pull more blood in which is what I educated you guys in on the last cardio video. So my thing, is if you have time make sure you get in, I tell all my clients no less than 55 minutes of your training and then you do your cardio right after.

If you want to warm-up on the treadmill for five minutes before you can or you can just warm-up to win push-ups and then get right into your workout and then cardio an amazing finisher to resistance training is gonna be doing your best to get your mind right, wrap your mind around survival mode and getting your body physically, and your mind physically stronger, physically strong enough to really get the cardio done after, after no matter how unbelievably exhausted you are.

If I told you that if you did 30 minutes of cardio, after you got beat up by trainer, then I’ll give you $1 million youwould find it in your heart, in your soul in your mind to be able to do that. That is what this is ultimately getting you to feel like, feel like 1 million bucks. Of course I’m not giving you a million dollars, I don’t have million dollars to give to you but if I did I’ve got bills to pay.

So on that note I hope you guys learned something from this I hope you get your mind right after your next, before your next workout, and after it and I’m telling you right now you’re gonna feel amazing after you’ve psychologically conquered and defeated a cardio workout right after your training. So kill it afterwards get your heart and your body and your mind a lot stronger, and I’ll see you all on the next video leave your comments let me know what you think.

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