Aloha Health & Fitness Offers Free Saturday Bootcamp

For the month of May we are offering free Saturday bootcamp for all local east bay residents.

Free Saturday Bootcamp for the month of May

Your probably wondering what’s the catch? There’s no catch, we just decided that we wanted to do something cool and fun to help out our community stay fit and to get ready for the summer.

When you come to our Saturday Bootcamp expect to:

  • Increased stamina, energy, & stamina
  • Get firmer hips, thighs, & buns
  • Tighter & Flatter Abs
  • Drop 4-12 pounds
  • Decrease your bodyfat by 3-6%
  • Look & feel 10 years younger
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Lose the uncomfortable “bloated” feeling
  • Look and feel better in your clothes

Your probably thinking that these are bold claims in such a short amount of time…I want you to watch the videos below to hear what our clients have to say

watch how you can get our free saturday bootcamp





Our free Saturday morning bootcamp for the month of May will be held every Saturday at 8am starting May 14th for new clients only.

Here are more of our clients that are getting amazing results

Aloha Health & Fitness clients

Aloha Health & Fitness free starday bootcamp client trae

Before and after pic of Aloha Health & Fitness clientBeforeAfter Megan


Because we are probably going to get a ton of people that want to try our free bootcamp out…we decided to only accept the first 15 people who register for the month of May.

Are you ready to try our Hercules Bootcamp

So if you want to get on board and experience our fitness program for the month of May Call 510 919 6806 or send us an email at to secure your spot.

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