El Cerrito Personal Trainer Helps 2 Women Lose Over 100lbs. East Bay

Meet Erika & Karen, both women have aggressive weight loss goal of over 50 pounds. They decided to take action and started working with their El Cerrito personal trainer. In an average of 6 months both women lost 132 pounds combined in half a year.

Here’s their story:

Erika has been struggling with her weight her whole life. She has done everything from joining an expensive health club, taking fat burner pills, going on yo-yo diets, and even investing in a east bay personal trainer. Doing all these things she didn’t lose much weight.Erika aloha fitness client

 I am not even quite sure how Erika ended up at our personal training studio, but since she’s been coming and training with us, she has lost 60 Pounds, 51 total inches, 20% body fat!

el cerrito personal training client

Here’s Karen’s Story:

My wife Jenn was walking down to the local coffee shop and met Karen and another women drinking coffee. Some how Karen and the other women were talking about getting back into shape and my wife over heard them. She then approached Karen and her girlfriend about trying out her small group class that evening.

My wife told them that if they came to her class and gave our fitness program 30 days that they would both be 20 lbs. lighter.


Guess what Karen showed up and her girlfriend never came. She told my wife that she wanted to go home and think about joining and try losing the weight on her own. I think we all know what that means, she’s basically procrastinating and making excuses.

Karen didn’t make up any excuse, so she took action and started our fitness program. Since Karen started training at our facility she has lost 72 POUNDS!

KarenEarlier this month month my wife ran into Karen’s friend that never showed up for her appointment. Guess what, because her friend wanted to go home and think about it and try to lose weight on her own…She actually gained 15 lbs.

What do Karen and Erika have in common…

  • Both are ACTION TAKERS!
  • Went out and got professional help from trusted fitness experts.
  • Surrounded themselves arounded positive and like minded individuals.
  • Were willing to work hard.
  • Did not overwhelm themselves by setting unrealistic goals.
  • Embrace the painful process.
  • Most importantly they IGNORED THE HATERS! (ex. family members, friends, co-workers, & any other jealous people that are pissed that they are living their weight loss goals and made it a reality)

Congratulations you two! I know Erika  & Karen are just 20-5 lbs away from their goal weight and have a few months to go. The point of this blog post is to show you that you can accomplish anything you want in life.

Just be willing to work hard at it.

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