El Cerrito Bootcamp Shows How To Get A Hollywood Body

Ever wonder how the celebrities stay in the best shape and look incredible? Well most celebrities have

High intensity interval training involves a full body workout that consist of resistance and aerobic training combined together. By combining the two exercise disciplines together you will have higher fat burning workout.

El Cerrito Bootcamp instructor Jenn put together this killer full body workout that with consistency you too can have a Hollywood body of your own. This full body circuit involves your core, shoulders, back, arms, and legs.

El Cerrito Bootcamp client doing pushups

The more body parts are involved in an exercise at the same time, the more calories are burned.

Here’s your Celebrity Full Body Workout:

1) Push-Up, Row, Burpee, Shoulder Press 3×25

2) Double-Arm Pullbacks (kettle bells/dumbells) 3×25

3) Double-Arm Flips 3×25

4) Pike w/ Shoulder Press 3×25

Perform these exercises back to back without any rest period. If you are wearing a heart rate monitor I guarantee that you will burn at least 600 calories doing this H.I.I.T. workout.

Well that’s it for now I hope you enjoyed this Hollywood workout from your El Cerrito Bootcamp video. I’d love to hear your comments and questions down below.

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El Cerrito Bootcamp will help get you into shape

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