3 Ways to Spark Your Metabolism Like A East Bay Fire

Bikini season is upon us again here in the East Bay.  Warmer weather means less clothes and hot days spent pool-side or at the beach.  If this has been a season you’ve been dreading because of some extra pounds, incorporating these three hot tips into your routine can spark up your workouts like a East Bay fire and melt those pounds fast.

east bay fire

Burn Off Pounds with Interval Training

Save time and set your cardio routine on fire with interval training.  Interval training basically means that you spend a block of time at maximum exertion and then you have a rest period, where you slow down and recover without stopping the activity. 

For example, if you want to do an interval work out on a treadmill, you would spend three minutes running at a full sprint (6.0-7.0 speed) and spend one minute walking to recover (3.5-4.0 speed).  Alternate these intervals for 30-45 minutes for an intense, fat-burning cardio workout.  Doing interval training at a minimum of five days a week will melt that fat off in no time.

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Set Your Muscles on Fire with Resistance Training

Building lean muscle mass is the sure-fire way to rev your metabolism to start shedding those pounds quickly.  Incorporating a resistance training program three times a week will kick that metabolism into high gear and build that lean, toned body that sizzles in that bikini.

Kettlebell exercises will set your muscles on fire and burn away unwanted calories.  These workouts are so effective, you could spend thirty minutes three times a week and yield the same results, if not better than if you were to use regular dumbbells for sixty minutes.  Some examples of effective kettlebell exercices are the Darcy Throw, Clean and Press, Swings and Turkish Get-Ups

Fire Up Your Metabolism By Eating More Frequently

If you like to eat, the good news is that you can eat smaller meals frequently throughout the day and lose weight.  Eating this way stokes the metabolic fire, and weight loss happens more easily. 

The key to eating more and losing weight is to make sure that the food you are consuming has a good balance of carbohydrates, fat and protein.  Excessive carbohydrates can spike blood sugar levels and leave you feeling hungry too soon after you eat.  Incorporating lean sources of protein with every single meal will ensure you fuel your body properly and stay full consistently.  This reduces those cravings and hunger pangs.

By incorporating these three hot tips, you will ignite your metabolism like a East Bay fire. You will be bikini-ready in no time!

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