20 Killer Fitness Tips For Summer Weight Loss

Hope your having a great day and that your training is going well. Today I wanted to share with you my top 20 Tips for Weight Loss this summer.

20 Summer Tips For Weight Loss:

1) Fortify with Fiber-

get weight loss by eating fiber

Start adding more fiber in your diet to help with increasing metabolism of food and to help with having the feeling of satiety (feeling full) so that you don’t over eat.

2) Drink more Cold Water

drink cold water if you want weight loss

Drink more ice cold water because your body will have to increase it’s metabolism in heating up your body temperature. This technique will help you burn more calories.

3) Power up on Protein-

drinking protein shakes will help with weight loss

Start adding a whey or cassein protein supplement into your diet. The more lean muscle tissue your body has, the calories you will be able to burn at rest.

4) Increase Blood Flow-

ginger root helps with blood flow for weight loss

Your body will function better with a better blood flow. So start adding ginger, onion, & garlic into your diet. This will support and increase blood flow.

5) Eat Cold Water Fish-

cold water fish will help you lose weight faster

Fish is an excellent source of protein and contain healthy fats called “Omega-3 fatty acids”

6) Go Green & Red-

eat bright green and red vegetables for weight loss

Green and red fruits and vegetables have a ton of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants which support healthy aging.

7) Start doing resistance training-

women should do resistance training to lose weight

It doesn’t matter if you like lifting weights or body weight exercises. Weight bearing exercises promote muscle growth and stronger joints. As you get older it is important to continue strength training for balance and to keep your metabolism burning calories.

8) When to do Cardio-

do more cardio to lose weight

It doesn’t matter when you do cardio, just start doing it. Cardio will help with strengthening your heart and promotes weight loss, but not as fast as weight training would.

9) Try Mini-Circuits-

circuit training helps promotes weight loss

Circuit training will help with weight loss 10 times more than traditional sets and rep counting. Try training 4-5 body parts at the same time and then resting 25-30 seconds in between sets. You will see how much harder your workout will be.

10) Renew your Goals-

start writing down your goals so that you can achieve your weight loss goals

Start righting your goals and posting them all over the place so that you can see them everyday. This will keep you motivated and more likely you will stick to your goals.

11) Keep Weight Training under an hour-

By keeping your weight training under 60 minutes will make you train faster with more intensity. The more intense your session is, the more calories you will burn in half the time.

12) Build more Muscle & Lose More Fat-

build more muscle to lose more fat

Muscle is an active tissue in your body that helps with the increase of metabolism and will help you burn more calories than cardio.

13) Take Some Time Off-

take some time to relax so that you can lose weight faster

Try not to over train. Start by working out every other day or take 2 or 1 day off a week. Train everyday can make you burn out and increase the chances of injury.

14) Get the Right Equipment-

get workout equipment to improve your workouts

Invest in some nice pair of weight training gloves, running shoes, a gym that you feel comfortable in. This will help accelerate your results faster.

15) Have a Life Outside the Gym-

play recreational sports outside of the gym

Try joining a recreational sports team like soccer, basketball, softball, kickball, etc. It’s important to have a well balance life so that you don’t burn out on accomplishing your goals.

16) Don’t be Too Serious-

don't take your self serious, have fun with your workouts

Changing your body is a long process and does not come overnight. So take some pressure off yourself and enjoy the fact that your doing activities that are improving your health. Remember “Rome wasn’t built in one day.”

17) Listen to Motivating Music-

listen to motivating music to help you get through your workout

It’s much easier to stay motivated when you listen to music you like. So take some time and download your favorite music and listen to it during your next workout.

18)  Use Supplements-

take supplements to speed up your progress with your weight loss goals


Try some dietary supplements like protein bars, protein shakes, multi-vitamens, etc. It will help accelerate your progress.

19) See Your Doctor-

see your doctor regularly to make sure you are healthy enough to lose weight

Don’t forget to see your doctor every couple months to check on your blood profiles and to check on your hormone levels. Sometimes are hormones may be off and can be the reason for not achieving the goals you want. So get yourself monitored on a regular basis.

20) Surround Yourself With Positive People-

surround yourself with positive people to help you achieve weight loss goals

The most important of all is hang around positive people. The reason why people either succeed or fail are based on two things:

  • The thoughts that occupy your brain
  • The 5 closest people in your inner circle

If the 5 closest people in your inner circle are negative and never accomplish anything, is probably the reason why you have problems reaching your goals.

The more positive people in your life will help you change your mindset on what’s possible and what you can achieve.

I hope you found these 20 tips helpful. Please let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below. Take care.

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