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Lose Pounds And Gain Friends At A Berkeley Bootcamp

When is losing really winning? The answer is, when it takes place at a Berkeley bootcamp. Many people go to a boot camp to help them lose weight or become fitter. That’s because a boot camp jumpstarts weight loss by maximizing the difficulty of the workout, but still keeping it within the participant’s ability. That may sound impossible, but it isn’t.

A personal trainer runs a boot camp and creates individualized programs for each participant.

While the group of boot camp participants may be quite diverse in their level of fitness or ultimate goals, that doesn’t mean they can’t do the same exercises. The difference, however, may come in the number of reps or the level of difficulty of the position. A very fit person may do fingertip pushups, while a couch potato, new to exercise may do bent knee push-ups. Both people experience a challenging goal that’s still within their reach, but at different levels. The trainer watches as each person performs the exercise, to insure he or she does it properly. Once the individual conquers the challenge, the trainer increases the level of difficulty.

Personal trainers push the participants toward success, far more than they’d do on their own.

While you might think you workout to your maximum potential, you’ll be amazed at just how much you’re capable of accomplishing when you attend a boot camp. Trainers push you to your maximum, but never ask you to do anything that could injure you or is beyond your capability. If you’re one of those rare people who have great determination and often push beyond exhaustion, a trainer can help insure you won’t injure yourself, because of your zest to excel.

You’ll have all the benefits of a personal trainer without the high cost.

Personal trainers have to charge slightly more per hour for a boot camp, because he creates more individual programs than he would in private instruction. However, everyone in the group shares the cost per hour, so per capita, it’s far less expensive than private instruction and you still get all the benefits of a personal trainer.
You’ll develop new friends at a boot camp that can last a lifetime.
Boot camps can be quite grueling but are also a lot of fun. You can create your own group if you have several friends that also want to workout.
You’ll work hard but feel invigorated afterward, since exercise not only gets the heart pumping and blood flowing, it’s also one of the best stress busters available.
You’ll watch pounds melt off fast if you’re dieting. Exercise burns more calories and when you develop muscle tissue, you’ll burn even faster 24/7, since muscle tissue requires more calories than fat tissue does.

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